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Our History

Here is a brief summary of how we got to where we are today:

  • 1892:  12 Swedish immigrants met together in Manchester to organize a new congregation.  Early services (in Swedish) were held in the Methodist Church and in Cheney Hall.
  • 1893:  Our first building was erected on Spruce Street (at a cost of $1400).
  • 1903:  A new pump organ was purchased.  Membership stood at 31 (plus children).
  • 1933:  The decision was made to use both Swedish and English in morning worship services.
  • 1941:  Swedish was replaced entirely by English, membership increased.
  • 1948:  The congregation officially affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, with offices in Chicago.
  • 1959:  Members voted to relocate because the Spruce Street location had become too small.
  • 1962:  The current building was erected on Hackmatack Street.
  • 1978:  A second worship service was added.
  • 1980:  An educational wing was added, providing more classrooms and office space.
  • 1999:  Our current worship space was completed, along with new classrooms.
  • TODAY:  We are a regional church with an average attendance of between 500 and 600 on Sunday mornings.  The values that brought about our church--love of God and love of neighbor--are still alive and well!