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Meets every Wednesday at 6:30pm in the Youth Room.

  Wednesday Night Youth Group
We have been having a blast getting to know your kids and are excited to begin a series delving into the Bible.  We will be teaching chronologically, showing them how the Bible fits together as a whole, focusing on their identity in Christ.

Meets every Sunday at 6:00pm in the Youth Room.

1. Sunday Nights
    For the last two months, the students have been participating in Teen Alpha, a video series with discussion groups each Sunday night.  This will be ending on November 29th.  Following this, Jacob and Katie will be starting a new series teaching the Bible chronologically, showing them how the Bible fits together as a whole!  We will be applying what the Bible says to their lives today!  We are so excited to be starting something new with your awesome kids!

2. Bible Study
    Bible study is a great time for the students to strengthen their friendships with one another, as well as dig into God's word in a deeper way.  Jacob and Katie will be leading Bible study on Thursday nights at the Bauman house (156 Howe Road, Glastonbury) at 7:00pm!  We would love to have as many students come as possible, especially as we start this new series since we will be taking what we talk about on Sundays and going deeper with it on Thursday nights.

3. Food Schedule
November 15: Juniors bring snacks to share    
November 22: Seniors bring snacks to share

4. Parent/Info corner
    There is a new corner set up just inside the door of the youth room that will have all the pertinent information for youth group.  If you ever need information or forms, check there!  Also we will be posting lots of information on the facebook page "Trinity Covenant Church Youth Group."

Weekly Gals & Guys Bible Study
Thursday nights from 7:00-9:00pm at the Bauman’s home.
(156 Howe Road, Glastonbury)