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What is the CANA Project?

Cana LogoThe idea of "pre-evangelism" is catching on as a means of introducing non-believers to a relationship with Jesus Christ.  It allows believers to feel more "relaxed" about inviting family, friends, and neighbors to their church.  So many people stay away from church (and a relationship with Christ) because of false concepts, bad past experiences, or unrealistic expectations.

The CANA Project is ultimately designed to bring others the Good News of God's love, Christ's sacrifice, and into a relationship with Him.  While mission projects enthusiastically engage to reach many, there are countless souls in our own communities, neighborhoods, and workplaces that, from all outward appearances, have a good grasp on life and its challenges, 1536421 1020001918025796 6139304947288612072 nyet struggle along silently and feel lost.  We believe that we can reach people for Christ through activities and events that speak to a myriad of common human interests.  Christians enjoy fun as much as anyone ~ and it is our calling to show that!  As we invite others to meet, mix, and mingle with us at events that are lighthearted and non-threatening, we will build relationships first, and trust that Christ will provide the opportunity to introduce Himself!

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