Spiritual Formation

We believe this process happens by God’s grace. Growth is a process that takes time and depends on the work of the Holy Spirit and our willingness to change. While no one can cause another person’s spiritual growth, our desire is to foster an environment that encourages growth. Throughout the Bible we see clear evidence of the importance of healthy relationships. The example of Jesus and his first followers and the experience of Jesus’ followers ever since, convinces us that growth happens best in healthy community with others. There is a wonderful freedom that comes as we join together to share life, to study and to serve together.

This is why we seek to foster spiritual transformation in the context of community. An important way we do this is through adult classes that take place on Sunday morning and especially through our small group ministry.

“Discipleship is a lifelong journey of transformation toward Christ-likeness. It is both deeply personal and happens best in deepening community; it is accomplished by the Holy Spirit, yet calls for our heartfelt response. It is Christ’s invitation to abundant life, for the sake of God’s redemptive purpose for the world.”