Children’s Church Resources : 3/22/20
Ashley Bailey

Hey Families! Here’s our Church Chat listening guide for this Sunday’s sermon. I encourage you to tune in as a family (or in a small group) and then have a conversation about Pastor Austin’s BIG idea and how it’s practical for you in your day to day as a follower of Jesus.

3-22-20 Church Chat

Announcing The BIBLE IN 3D!
Hey kids! I’d love your creative help in illustrating the Bible! LAST week Pastor Peter’s sermon came from Matthew 26:17 – 29. These pictures are just samples that help illustrate this passage.
This week, Pastor Austin will be sharing with us from Matthew 26:36 – 47. Can you read (or have someone you know read to you) this passage and then create a 3D model out of any materials you choose?
1. Tune in for the Live Stream on Sunday at 10:15 with your family
2. Make any final modifications to your design
3. Snap a quick picture
4. Have a parent send it to me.
I’ll then make an album of everyone’s art to share on our Trinity Kids Facebook Page. I can’t wait to see what YOU create!
Sometimes it can be helpful to read the story in a storybook version too – for extra inspiration of course! If you want, I’d love to include with your picture somethings that you learned or stood out to you about the story.
Some questions to help you get started are:
1. What was the most meaningful part of the story for you?
2. Was there something in the story that was confusing or you didn’t understand?
3. What did you notice about God?
4. What did you notice about the other people in the story?
5. Is there a lesson you can apply from the story to your life?
P.S. This is for “kids” of all ages! I just might make something too!  HAVE FUN!