Spring Pathways

May 12 - July 31  |  Trinity Covenant Church

Trinity Covenant Church, Hackmatack Street, Manchester, CT, USA

Spring 2019 Pathways Offerings


Pathways in Adult Discipleship:  Not just knowledge – knowledge that transforms!  This Spring, step on the Pathway to greater faith and life-change with one of these great courses!

You may register at the Ministry Connection Center or online {at the bottom of this page}.

Kingdom Purpose : Starting Sunday June 30 8:30 a.m. – 9:15 a.m. (before the worship service at TCC) until Sunday August 4th.  Every Sunday for 45 minutes for 6 weeks with Dennis Garcia.  Let’s seek the Lord and look into the unique way the God has made you. We will walk through a proven method based on discovering your Spiritual Gifts, Heart, Abilities, Personality and Experiences to apply your talents to the Kingdom of God.

Foster, Adoptive, Special Needs, and Trauma Parents : Sundays at 8:30am @ TCC starting May 19th with Samara Bowne and Helen Cademartori Hobson.  Parenting is hard… parenting children with trauma is harder… parenting children who have not always been with you or may not always be with you is harder still. BUT the hardest part is doing it alone. Friends and family all mean well, but until you live it daily, it’s just hard to understand a life of doctors appointments, therapists, case managers, and court dates.  Helen Cademartori Hobson and her daughter Samara Bowne have many years of experience dealing with all of these.  Come and share your experiences; walk with friends who have walked where you walk and deal with your unique life circumstance together. Discover that your are not alone.  This course will also include some video material from Joni Erikson Tata, and will meet during first service on Sunday Mornings at at TCC.  Meets @ the TCC Conference Room (200H)

Spiritual Encouragement for Women :  Ongoing Sundays at 8:30am @TCC with Liesl Wylie and Tammy Bourque.  Meets @ the TCC Library {on the lower level of TCC}

Spiritual Encouragement for Men :  Ongoing Sundays at 8:30am @TCC with Rob Cook and Brian Wylie.  Meets @ the TCC Annex (Room 201A)

Elijah – Living Securely in an Insecure World : Sundays at 8:30am @TCC starting May 12th with Buzz and Chis Irish : Terrorism. Diseases. Hurricanes. Every day the news reinforces what you want to forget–you live in an insecure world. Elijah’s times were no safer. He faced famine, murder and corruption–with both courage and fear. Each Sunday we will meet together to look into Elijah’s life, and look at the One who helps us look beyond the insecurity of the world to our sovereign Lord who reigns forever.   Meets @ the TCC Chapel (Room 201)

Restoration Year – A 2019 Devotional with Brian Wylie :  Online and the second Monday of each month.  Join us as we go through Restoration Year by John Eldredge in a unique online and in-person community.  This daily devotional will help to remind us of the reality of restoration and transformation that is promised in the Gospel.  The online content will be provided via a Facebook group at this link.  In addition, the group will meet in person on the second Monday of each month.  Meets Online and @TCC

Albums : With David Bowne: Saturdays 8pm Starting May 25th @ Dave Bowne’s house :  “Why do we never get an answer, When we’re knocking at the door,With a thousand million questions, About hate and death and war?” The Moody Blues asked this question in their song “Question.”  Over the years many musical albums have been released that have asked many questions, but what are the answers to those questions?  In this meet-up each week we are going to listen to one great album and then we will discuss how the Gospel of Jesus Christ speaks to and answers the questions brought up in the album.  We will meet at Dave’s house around a fire, and we will listen, eat, fellowship, and discuss.  Meets @ Dave Bowne’s house

The Remarkable tales of Luke the Story Teller Sundays at 10:15am @TCC starting May 12th with Paul Shekleton: Let’s meet up to talk about the Gospel of Luke.  His gospel is an awesome collection of little stories that Luke put together to tell a big one. Be prepared to be amazed.  Meets @ the TCC Chapel (Room 201)



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