Winter 2020 Pathways

January 5 - April 24  |  Trinity Covenant Church

Trinity Covenant Church, Hackmatack Street, Manchester, CT, USA

Winter 2020 Pathways Offerings


Pathways in Adult Discipleship:  Not just knowledge – knowledge that transforms!  This Winter, step on the Pathway to greater faith and life-change with one of these great courses!

Stop in at our Course Fair in the TCC foyer on Sunday morning {between first and second service, or after second service}, January 5th and also on January 12th, to meet the teachers and learn more.

You may register for a class at the Course Fair, or you may register right here online {at the bottom of this page}.


Gender Roles and the People of God :  Thursdays starting January 16th at 7pm.  Facilitators include Pastor Barbara Ettinger, Jeff Ettinger, Susan Falcetta, Sylvia Reeves, and Brian Wylie. Gender is a hot topic in our world today. What does the Bible have to say about gender roles and how we should live it out as God’s people? Come explore with us. We begin Thursday, January 16th, for 11 weeks; 7:00-8:30pm.  Visit us after services at the Pathways Fair (January 5th & 12th) to sign up or get more information. We encourage you to purchase the book early and start reading.


Spiritual Encouragement for Women :  Ongoing Sundays at 8:30am @TCC with Liesl Wylie and Tammy Bourque.  Meets in Room 200C (Pastor Diane’s office)


Spiritual Encouragement for Men :  Ongoing Sundays at 8:30am @TCC with Rob Cook and Brian Wylie.  Meets @ the TCC Annex (Room 201A)


The Remarkable tales of Luke the Story Teller :  Sundays at 10:15am @TCC with Paul Shekleton: Let’s meet up to talk about the Gospel of Luke.  His gospel is an awesome collection of little stories that Luke put together to tell a big one. Be prepared to be amazed.  Meets @ the TCC Chapel (Room 201)

What does the Bible say about “fill in the blank” : Sundays at 8:30am @TCC with Bill Lane, Bill Bristol, Keith Lyman, and others:  One question people in the Covenant Church have always asked is “Where is it Written?”  The purpose of this class is to provide a safe place to bring up questions that we have and how to bring such questions before God. Such questions could be either hot topics items, taboo to bring up in church, confusing, or other questions related to faith and the bible.  The class is not meant to provide the church’s view or opinion but to help one know how to open scripture and seek God’s wisdom and help. We will do our best to seek out what the bible says and how to stand in front of God with a clear conscience.  We will start the class with learning some basics of Biblical interpretation. We hope that this class will help us to know the truth, and learn to listen and know when how to adopt a view that is not our own but God’s.   Meets @ the TCC Chapel (Room 201)


Today in the Word : With Brian Wylie. See Brian for when this will be meeting up. Today in the Word is a devotional that strives to proclaim the truth of the Word. This devotion boldly declares a biblical perspective on real issues. The aim is to help people grow in deeper understanding of God’s Word. We believe that one of the keys factors in knowing God’s Word is spending time studying His Word.






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