CANA Project

Trinity Covenant Church wants the Greater Manchester area to know that all who are looking for a place to belong and be loved is right here amongst a family striving to live by grace and goodness. Nevertheless, with that said, we also recognize that for many, even going to a church can be intimidating and, for some, even a bit scary. The CANA Project is an anachronism for “Community And Neighborhood Activities”. The vision of this outreach program is to present family friendly events that introduce Trinity Covenant Church to our friends, families, co-workers and neighbors in a fun non-threatening, non-“churchy” setting. We hope that as individuals get to know us, they might find a personal connection with that person (or persons) who may be going through similar life struggles of their own. In that new relationship, we hope they might find a new peace and joy in their lives and the source of that blessing.

Building Healthy Families

Trinity, as a church, has always believed the spiritual nurture of children is highly important. We are committed to a strong and effective ministry to children and youth because we recognize that the earliest years of a person's life are crucial for his or her future. Several members and friends of Trinity Covenant Church have banded together to establish a non-profit Christian organization called Building Healthy Families, Inc. that is dedicated to following the teaching of Jesus to love our neighbors as ourselves in a very practical way. Our goal is to equip parents and other care-givers to provide the kind of nurture children require for healthy development. The earliest years of a baby's life are an irreplaceable opportunity to give every child the healthy start they need. Visit their website to learn more about Building Healthy Families and how you can support this ministry!

Other Missions