About Diane

The daughter of a Forest Ranger, Diane spent most of her growing up years in the wilderness areas of the Southwest but ended up near Philadelphia for High School.  It was there that she received her call to ministry and set out to serve Jesus with everything she’s got.  Currently a wife of over 24 years, a mother of 5 (ages 16-23), and has been in vocational ministry for 28 years with two different Evangelical Covenant Church’s before landing at Trinity (Chicago, IL & Fort Collins, CO).  Knowing that shared experiences lead to shared identities, in 2013, Diane and her family served as Covenanter’s in Mission in Nicaragua and in 2017 walked 190 miles of the Camino de Santiago through Spain together, which also has developed in them a love of not only travel but of the potential for cross and multi-cultural ministry as close to home as in their neighborhoods to as far away as Africa!  Diane is a collaborator, a possibilitarian, a keeper of short accounts, and an extrovert.  She values competency, creativity, and flexibility, and it’s been said that she thrives with a blank canvas.  She enjoys the adventure of life, relaxing by the water, Hula dancing, and being used by God to bring others closer in to Him.  Diane is a graduate of North Park Theological Seminary and pursuing ordination to Word and Service through the Evangelical Covenant Church.  (860-649-2855 X218, Diane)