About Sue

God brought Sue and her husband Chris together in high school and they have been together ever since.  They married in 1995 after Sue graduated from Central Connecticut State University with a degree in education.  They have two sons, Branden and Collin and a newly adopted senior dog named Ruggles who has adjusted well to her new home.

Sue enjoys a variety of sports, three dimensional media and loves to photograph things she finds in nature.  She has enjoyed traveling to Alaska and Hawaii with her husband and vacationed in Greece, Turkey and Malta with her whole family.  Walking Roman roads in Turkey and visiting places Paul traveled really brought biblical history to life and made Sue want to learn more.

When her kids were young, Sue took a year leave of absence from teaching to spend time with Collin while Branden was in kindergarten.  During that year, she joined Bible Study Fellowship for women at Trinity.  This was a life changing experience for Sue and her family as she studied the book of Matthew.  Upon returning to her job, she prayed daily as she entered her classroom and received a message from God through a child.  A special needs boy turned to her as he walked out of her classroom the last day of school and said, “Thanks for a great year.  Maybe I’ll see you in heaven someday.”  There was no denying that God was listening as Sue prayed for the children he had entrusted to her care.  As Hagar noted in the Bible in Genesis 16:13, God sees us.

God grew Sue’s faith as she studied his word and she kept feeling she was meant to teach others about God not art.   Recently, after 20+ years, God called Sue out of public education and she immediately returned to Bible Study Fellowship at Trinity.  Sue soon became a group leader at BSF where she received training to love people like Jesus would.  Last year, many Trinity friends were in Sue’s BSF group and God used those relationships to bring Sue back to Trinity, her former church.

Participating in Trinity’s VBS program this summer made it clear that Sue’s decision to leave her job was the right choice.  God directed her steps back to Trinity; Sue is grateful for the opportunity to now partner with others to spread the love of Jesus to children and others she encounters.