Stephen Ministry

Christ Caring for People through People

Stephen Ministry is a Christ-Centered, one-on-one, confidential caring ministry which offers the opportunity to bring Christ's love to those who are suffering or experiencing crisis. This ministry serves people who are experiencing difficulties such as grief, hospitalization, divorce, separation, job loss, chronic illness, etc.

Our Mission: Stephen Ministry pursues God and His passion for people by providing the best possible one-to-one distinctively Christian care for persons in crisis according to the principles of the Stephen Series.

Please contact the church office at (860) 649-2855 if you are interested in being a Stephen Minister and/or Leader.

If you are facing a difficult time, call the office to connect with one of the pastors, the Care Team Key Leader, or a Stephen Ministry Leader.

Stephen Ministry Leaders

Betty Olson

What Do Stephen Ministers Do?

Explore feelings
Share Christ's love
Maintain confidentiality
Attend to the care giving process
and leave the results to God
Walk with people who are
journeying to wholeness
Share information about
community resources

This is a ministry of presence
and bearing one another's
burdens .

Who might Benefit from Stephen Ministry?

People who are hospitalized
People who are grieving the loss of a loved one
People who are struggling with caregiving for a loved one
People who are in the process of divorce
People who are experiencing loss of job or financial setbacks
People who are experiencing crisis situations
People who are struggling with their faith
People who are separated from their family
People or family members of those who are terminally ill
People or family members of those facing legal difficulties
People adjusting to life changing situations: retirement, stay-at-home mom,
promotion, new parent, empty nester, graduating from college, relocation, etc...
People who need someone to come along side of them during an
especially difficult time - a caring soul who can help them process
their feelings, their fears, their anger, their lack of faith,
and are ready to listen and offer hope through Jesus Christ.

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What is Stephen Ministry?

What is a Stephen Minister?

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Care Receivers Tell Their Stories

Consider Becoming a Stephen Minister if

You have compassion for those who hurt
You know God cares for those who hurt.
God is calling you to be Jesus to others who are hurting.
You might be a wounded healer whose own experience
with adversity may help others who are hurting

A Stephen Minister's Character and Commitment

Stephen Ministers are compassionate, full of faith, skilled and trustworthy. Stephen ministers are adult members in our congregation who are spiritually mature, many of who have experienced or overcome difficulties in their own lives. Because of God's grace in helping them heal, they have been called to serve others with distinctively Christian care in their time of need.

Those interested in serving as Stephen Ministers are asked to complete a written application and are personally interviewed by the leaders of the Stephen Ministry program at Trinity Covenant Church. Those who are selected for the program are asked to commit to two years of service and complete 50 hours of training before being commissioned as a Stephen Minister.

Stephen Ministers are assigned care receivers with whom they meet weekly for one hour: men care for men and women care for women. The relationships of Stephen Ministers and Care Receivers, including any conversations between them, are strictly confidential. The Stephen Ministers also attend a peer supervision group twice a month for support, accountability and guidance. These group meetings regularly include continuing education segments, as well, to enhance their caregiving skills and keep their ministry relevant.

In Stephen Minister Training, you will learn more about yourself. You will hone your listening skills. You will explore a variety of Christian resources to enrich your spiritual life and equip you to reach out to others. You will become more confident of your ability, with God’s help, to be a good caregiver. And you will be part of a skilled, loving, genuinely caring group of people.

Join Stephen Ministry Team

To join the Stephen Ministry Team, call the church office to receive an application and start the interview process. Or leave an email message for Betty Olson on the form below. She will reach out to you with more information on how to join the team and answer any questions you may have.

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