Our History

This journey began over 100 years ago with a group of immigrants from Sweden. They were new to the nation, but not new to their faith. When they settled in Manchester they saw the need for a church to reach new immigrants in the town of Manchester. After many faithful prayers and sacrifice the foundation for Trinity Covenant Church was was laid. Over the years Trinity Covenant Church has changed its language, location, and its size, but some things have never changed. At Trinity Covenant Church we believe that doing for one person what we wish we could do for everyone can change the world. These Swedish immigrants were just a few people, in one small town, that decided to be faithful and do their part. Their prayers and faith laid the foundation of a life-giving church that has continued to seek to reach people not only just in Manchester, CT but worldwide.

In Matthew 28:18, Jesus commands His disciples to go. We learn here that we are not called to be a success, but rather commanded to be obedient - to go. We are committed to see people discover what they have been searching for. Jesus Christ is the hope of the world! The answer to the problems we face won’t be solved with anything the world has to offer. The answer is found in Jesus and in Him alone. Our hope is that we can bring authentic life-change to our community.


12 Swedish immigrants met together in Manchester to organize a new congregation. Early services (in Swedish) were held in the Methodist Church and in Cheney Hall.


Our first building was erected on Spruce Street (at a cost of $1400).


A new pump organ was purchased. Membership stood at 31 (plus children).


The decision was made to use both Swedish and English in morning worship services.


Swedish was replaced entirely by English, membership increased.


The congregation officially affiliated with the Evangelical Covenant Church of America, with offices in Chicago.


Members voted to relocate because the Spruce Street location had become too small.


The current building was erected on Hackmatack Street.


A second worship service was added.


An educational wing was added, providing more classrooms and office space.


Our current worship space was completed, along with new classrooms.


We are a regional church with an average attendance of between 400 and 500 on Sunday mornings. The values that brought about our church–love of God and love of neighbor–are still alive and well!