The ALPHA Film Series

February 1 - April 4

This series is 100% FREE and open to the public!  Childcare is provided each week. 

Thursday Evenings from 6:00 – 8:30 

Feb. 1st                  Is There More to Life Than This?  

Feb. 8th                  Who is Jesus? 

Feb. 15th                Why Did Jesus Die?  

Feb. 22nd               How Can I Have Faith? 

Feb. 29th                Why and How Do I Pray? 

March 7th              How Should I Read the Bible? 

March 14th            How Does God Guide Us? 

March 21st            How Can I Resist Evil? 

March 23rd            Who is the Holy Spirit? 

     What Does the Holy Spirit Do? 

     How Can I be Filled with the Holy Spirit? 

March 28th            Does God Heal Today? 

April 4th                   What About the Church? 

Explore life and faith in a friendly environment where guests attend from  all backgrounds and viewpoints. Come investigate the existence of God, the  purpose of life, the claims of Jesus, and more. Dinner is served weekly  followed by a short video on the topics above. The evening concludes with  small group discussion over coffee. Over 30 million people have attended  Alpha so please join us and invite someone you know to the opening session! 

Trinity Covenant Church
302 Hackmatack Street 
Manchester, CT. 06040